The emphasis in this Resource is on Apps that can be used by Special Education Needs (SEN) Students. Please also visit the Primary and Post-Primary pages for non-SEN-specific apps, some of which (such as Kindle Reader;Text to/from Speech; mind mapping etc.) are also very valuable resources. I am indebted to inspiration for some of the apps below by iAutism

Presentation at ILSA, Irish Learning Support Association, 2013 (Android Tablets for Learning Support) available ... ILSA2013

Click on any icon below to see a description of the app, and a link to the (usually) Google Play Store (for which you will have previously registered an email account). Click again on the icon to close the description. We have have copied and pasted the description of the apps listed below but the use of Italics indicates that the App has also been Tested by us.

Fruit Words

Animal Words

Clothes Words

Easy Kid Tokens

FB Reader

AAC Speech Communicator

K-9 Mail



Pictogram Agenda

Captura Talk

Talk Back

VizZle Player

Sign Language Alphabet Ireland

€ Irish Sign Language

Kurzweil (pending)

Assistive Tech.