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Research and Media Articles

Learning is Personal - Stories of Android Tablet Use in the 5th Grade; Marie Bjerede and Tzaddi Bondi;

Are Android Tablets the Next Big Thing in Education?; Karen Mahon;

Android Tablet Use in U.S. Schools: An Update; Karen Mahon;

Android Tablet Use in U.S. Schools: A Response; Jarrett Volzer via Karen Mahon;

Portable Technologies to Support Interactive Teaching in Zambian Classrooms; Sara Hennessy, Bjoern Hassler, Tom Lord, Alan Jackson and Andrew Cross;

Google for Education's Teacher Centre - Android Tablets

An important update!

Chromebooks!; Google Is Giving Up On Selling Android Tablets To Schools Under Google Play For Education, Will Focus On Chromebooks Instead.

Make sure that your new Chromebook will have access to the Play Store Apps by cheecking Chrome OS Systems Supporting Android Apps

A collection of research study links (some relate to the iPad but are still relevant) .....

Recent studies on the impact of tablet use in schools – an overview

Edgewood City Schools Go Android Tablet; Ken Royal; (article has a link to the Acer Webinars ..on which page you can can search for 'Tablet' and then download the Webinar .wmv files)

Essential Reading is from PDST, 2017: NCTE Advice Sheet – Tablets for Learning;

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Kathy Shcrock's adaptation of Blooms' Taxonomy
Reg Swanson's SAMR Model