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Research and Media Articles

Learning is Personal - Stories of Android Tablet Use in the 5th Grade; Marie Bjerede and Tzaddi Bondi;

How Android Tablets Could Fit Into Your Classroom; Justin Craig;

Are Android Tablets the Next Big Thing in Education?; Karen Mahon;

Android Tablet Use in U.S. Schools: An Update; Karen Mahon;

Android Tablet Use in U.S. Schools: A Response; Jarrett Volzer via Karen Mahon;

Portable Technologies to Support Interactive Teaching in Zambian Classrooms; Sara Hennessy, Bjoern Hassler, Tom Lord, Alan Jackson and Andrew Cross;

A collection of research study links (some relate to the iPad but are still relevant) .....

Recent studies on the impact of tablet use in schools – an overview; (I note that a Belfast School is referenced in this report)

Edgewood City Schools Go Android Tablet; Ken Royal; (article has a link to the Acer Webinars)

The Next-Generation Classroom: Smart, Interactive and Connected Learning Environments; WHITE PAPER, Sponsored by: Samsung; Ruthbea Yesner Clarke; October 2012.

Essential Reading is from NCTE/PDST: NCTE Advice Sheet – Tablet PC or Tablet;

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Reg Swanson's SAMR Model