Our vision for a Tablet-enabled, student-centric classroom is one which recognizes and enhances the existing classroom ICT infrastructure, and which then extends this.

Many if not most classrooms already have a Data Projector connected to an existing 'teacher computer' (this latter may be a Deskop or Laptop, Windows or Mac or Linux).

Further many of these 'teacher computers' are connected to an existing Interactive Whiteboard (or there may be a Projector with an 'Interactive Projector')

Many schools and teachers have invested greatly in developing their professional practice and resource bank (sometimes dipping into cbiproject.net!)

We do not envisage discarding this equipment in favour of the 'new model'.

Rather, we propose adding Tablets into the environment. These Tablets are for Student Use in classroom where the learning is managed by the Teacher. The Teacher may, in addition, have his/her own Tablet in order to model best practice.

Tablets may be used in a one-to-one ratio or with a Tablet shared among a Group: the former model is often useful for the 'drill and practice' type activities (where individual activity and reinforcement is useful) or for a 'flipped classroom' (wikipedia link) while the latter may suit a Research approach with Group Reporting and/or Group Presentation.